about Company

Marian Piotrowicz, founder and owner of the Alpin-Line brand.

He practices high-altitude climbing from 1976 to the present day. He climbs, among others in the Himalayas, the Andes, Alaska, and the mountains of Africa, the Alps and the Tartars. The company’s main activity is altitude works using alpinistic methods. Marian Piotrowicz likes challenges and one of his dreams was to create professional tools for audiophiles, both beginners and those more experienced as well as professionals. Therefore, he expanded the company’s activity to design and manufacture Hi-End audio furniture’s, stands and platforms. Its superior feature is perfectionism. Perfection through persistence and consistency in the pursuit of achieving the intended goal is his way of life. The uncompromising nature and situations arising during the climb strengthen character and determine the pursuit of the goal. These features Marian transfers to his work and also a positive, friendly attitude to the every Customer. All elements of table construction are created in Poland, are produced by Polish craftsmen, carefully, refined and completed to achieve a satisfactory effect for the Customer. What’s more, Marian makes the final, thorough analysis of each made audio table, which is confirmed by a self-signed quality certificate.

Artur Garbiak, product architect, co-creator

Engineer of the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications at the Wroclaw University of Technology. Professionally avid electronics engineer in the automotive, oil&gas, military, aerospace and space & defense industries. He gained his engineering experience abroad in Norway, Germany and Austria. He implemented many electronics projects and designed many electromechanical structures working outside of Poland in extreme environmental conditions, meeting stricted worldwide known industrial standards. He is interested in power electronics, energy management, measurement systems, mechatronics, robotics and sensors, as well as Hi-End Audio technology. He also designed his own speaker system. His attitude during his professional career was the Customer oriented solution, perfectionism and quality, timeless of his designs.

His hobby is mountain climbing, playing tennis, skiing, cycling.

The passion for music and audio equipment connected him to Alpin-Line with the desire to implement his own thoughts based on many years of engineering experience and applicate this in the field of Hi-End Audio.