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Alpin-Bud has been operating since 1997. The company deals with the work of high altitude climbing methods. For more than two years we have been working on the construction of audio tables and bases for monitors of unrivaled form - timeless, elegant, meeting the highest requirements. The fruits of our work are present products.


In our products we focus on engineering, professionalism, precision of workmanship, mass and high quality natural materials. Our goal is to suppress the accompanying vibration during music listening. This is achieved through the appropriate combination of multi-point steel, brass and stainless steel together with massive granite slabs, using anti-vibration materials.



The design of the tables allows for precise leveling by using anti-vibration, massive spikes adjustable by fine thread. Rails and solid spikes are made on precision CNC machines. We use pressure-cut, carefully worked granite plates, polished to high gloss finish. Anti-vibration spikes are machined from massive stainless steel blocks and allow full and accurate adjustment with a low pitch thread. Our next step is to design adjustable hardness spikes filled with hydraulic oil to maximize the absorption of sinusoidal vibration and vibration from the equipment and finally the listening room. The solutions are similar to those used in the aerospace and military industries. This technology also applies to separate tables for HI-END turntables from the rest of the audio equipment



In order to meet our Customer needs, it is possible to modify each model of the table to any size, diameter, leg height and support and the configuration of the table with the type of spikes and damping material. We also execute designs by making tables based on Customer's project documentation. We also provide professional support and professional technical advice.

Optionally, we fill the legs and supports with quartz sand on Customer request.

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