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Table M1


The M1 table is a response to the increase in Customer requirements. Designs of modern tables are above the average level of their constructions.


Weight: 47 kg (plastic tops)
Weight: 152 kg (granite countertops)
Height: 1120 mm
Width: 980 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Adjustment level: +/- 8 mm on each anti-vibration spike


The design of the table enables precise leveling through the use of anti-vibration massive spikes regulated by fine thread. This is our company's flagship solution. Each of the spikes can be leveled in a range that guarantees a stable position of over 150 kilograms. Carefully polished Swedish brown granite plates guarantee the stability of the customer's equipment installation. The combination of precision and high mass guarantees a low level of internal resonance and high inertia of the structure. This makes the Client's equipment well separated from any undesirable vibrations, thus improving the listening comfort of the music.

Table M1

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