Table NG2 is the elegance of combined wood and steel and Italian granite. 
Designed to dampen vibrations for a free-standing turntable.


Dimensions: Weight: 38 kg 
Height: 900 mm 
Width: 470 mm 
Depth: 380 mm 
Adjustment level: +/- 8 mm on each anti-vibration spike

table NG2


The design of the table enables precise leveling through the use of anti-vibration massive spikes regulated by fine thread. This is our company’s flagship solution. Each of the spikes can be leveled within a range that guarantees a stable position of the 38 kg table. The construction solution is thought-out for a free-standing turntable. The massive spikes provide support for four stainless steel profiles connected to natural wooden legs. The whole is twisted with bars, guaranteeing rigidity of the structure. The combination of precision and eight massive anti-vibration spikes guarantees low internal resonance and high inertia of the structure. This makes the Client’s equipment well separated from any undesirable vibrations, raising the listening comfort of the music.