The ST1m monoblock platform utilizes proven solutions from ST1 and continues to offer a professional line for demanding Customers who want to separate monoblocks from the ground, providing them with better ventilation. It is also a flexible solution for customers wishing to expand their system, which is holding the ST1 table by adding another module.


Weight: 31 kg 
Height: 210 mm 
Width: 650 mm 
Depth: 500 mm 
Plate thickness: 26 mm 
Profile diameter: 70 mm 
Adjustment level: +/- 8 mm on each of ant vibration spike

platform ST1m


The construction of the base allows precise leveling by using anti-vibration massive spines adjustable by fine thread. This is the flagship solution of our company. Each spike can be positioned over 21 kilograms of carefully polished Swedish black granite slab to guarantee the stability of the Customer’s equipment. Combined with high precision and high weight, it guarantees a low internal resonance level and high inertia factor. This makes the Customer’s equipment solidly separated from any undesirable vibration, enhancing the comfort of listening to music.