The ST2 is similar in design to the ST1, but is complemented by brackets with wooden inserts.


Weight: 91 kg 
Height: 740 mm (3 segments) 
Width: 650 mm 
Depth: 500 mm 
Plate thickness: 26 mm 
Profile diameter: 70 mm 
Clearance between brackets 485 mm 
Adjustment level: +/- 8 mm on each of ant vibration spike

table ST2


The table design allows for precise leveling by using anti-vibration massive spines adjustable by fine thread. This is the flagship solution of our company. Each of the spikes can be leveled in a range that guarantees a stable position of over 90 kilograms of table. Thoroughly polished plates of Swedish brown granite weighing 27 kg each, guarantee the stability of the Customer’s equipment. Construction solutions are taken from ST1. Solid spikes provide support for four stainless steel profiles combined with natural oak profiles. The whole construction is tightened with four bars, guaranteeing rigidity of the structure. Profiles are mounted on high-grade stainless steel fasteners. The combination of red oak and stainless steel gives a good vibration damping factor. As in the previous model and here we took care of the customer. The design allows you to add more modules, giving you the freedom to expand with additional devices. Combined with high precision and high weight, it guarantees low internal resonance and high structural inertia. This makes the Customer’s equipment solidly separated from any undesirable vibration, enhancing the listening comfort of the music. For demanding Customers we offer the option of backfilling the profiles with quartz sand.